Itunes cutting off songs early fix

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Something that I've been noticing happening more and more is that some songs will play just fine but then at some point they'll just stop. The little time counter will jump to where it appears there is two seconds left in the song.

And it will just sit there for several seconds and then then proceed to the next song. And what I've noticed is that it tends to happen consistently with the songs that are problematic. I've searched all over to figure out what might be causing this but I haven't had much lock, possibly because the symptoms are so vague "some songs cut off", etc.

My guess is that there is something about the files that the iPod is choking on but I can't figure out what that might be. If I'm lucky it's some weird tagging quirk i. Sometimes an entire album or artist will consist of files that cut off. If this is just some known issue, do the latest iPod Classics Generation 6, GB hard drives still have this issue? I'm almost hoping that this is a sign of a dying iPod so I can upgrade :.

The first thing to check is to see if iTunes has marked those specific songs to end early. Next, try re-encoding the song at a lower or different bitrate and syncing it to the device.

Often a glitch in the file can cause iPods to skip to the next song, but the same binary file plays through on macs with better code for handling errors. Lastly, it could be error creeping into the filesystem structure on the iPod. Once you're sure you've backed up everything from the iPod, you can enter disk mode and use Disk Utility on the mac - on Windows there are lots of disk formatting tools to zero the drive.

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That will test the actual hard drive for errors and spare out any bad blocks. Feel free to edit this or comment if you find none of these helps narrow down the cause. This happend to me in the past with the same model you have, though I dont think its neccessarly model specific. The error is coming from a glitch in the music file, try converting the file to AAC and syncing the new file to your iPod, should fix the issue.

You need to covert the files from kbps to bps and the problem should go away. I've had this problem with audiobooks ever since I started getting them from Audible at the higher quality bps. At seemingly random times, the audiobook would pause for a few seconds, then continue. It had the feel of the Nano pausing or cutting off to catch up, so I can believe that this was the problem.

That will save both versions of the song or audiobook. Are these by any chance songs you either a purchased from the iTunes Store, or b downloaded from iTunes Match?

There was a period, a few months ago, when there were lots of downloads from Apple's servers that were truncated. I blogged about itand got lots of emails from people who had the problem.

I have found a bunch of these songs cut short and I thought maybe because I loaded too many songs at once. I have had a few that I checked on iTunes and they stopped at the same point.

I deleted those and reloaded the song to the iPod playlist and that fixed the problem. Tonight though, I found somewhere the iTunes version wasn't short, just on the iPod.

So I resynched and it's fixed a few songs on the iPod, resynched again and fixed some others, It's a GB classic that I got in To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. This has been frustrating me to no end. It only recently started happening and I followed some the of the suggested fixes to no avail. This simple little fix worked for me however:. When one opens the Get Info window on an album, or by selecting a list of songs, there is a check box for "use work and movement".

Untick that! No idea what it's for, but that seemed to fix it. Posted on Mar 5, AM.

itunes cutting off songs early fix

Page content loaded. Mar 5, AM in response to littlejacs In response to littlejacs. What it is for is covered in Organize your classical music in iTunes - Apple Support. I'm not sure that switching the option ought to have had any effect, but perhaps it forces iTunes to check the tag and correct any inappropriate stop time it might have had stored. Mar 5, AM. Mar 14, AM in response to littlejacs In response to littlejacs.

I have also tried endless things without success and will definitely give this a go tonight. If it works I will be forever in your debt!! This is the biggest frustration in my life and I can't believe how unsupportive and clueless Apple has been regarding this! Mar 14, AM. Mar 15, AM in response to krugz In response to krugz It didn't help for me unfortunately.So last night I downloaded 11 new songs. Yeah, they downloaded fine.

And when they got done downloading, I went to go play them, and they played fine. But about when I get halfway through the song, they cut off, stop playing, and go on to the next song.

This is with all of my 11 new songs. Say the song isI will play it, and when it reaches it goes to the next song. When I try and seek it past all I hear is silence for a couple milliseconds, and then goes to the next song. Like it doesn't even exist. How do I fix this?!? I've already paid for all of these songs on iTunes and I don't know if I can get a refund or not. What do I do to fix this?

itunes cutting off songs early fix

Do I have to uninstall something or download something? And if I do, then where can I find the steps to do that?

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Please and thank you! Dude, I just tried that and it didn't work. I went to options and it already said the accurate ending time. I even put a checkmark next to it to make sure. Do you think it might be because I have to update my iTunes? You will see "stop time" if the song stops at say "", you can change it to stop at the correct time. Jellyfish Man. Update: Dude, I just tried that and it didn't work.

How to cut up a song using iTunes

Update 2: Dude, I just tried that and it didn't work. Answer Save. Ezra Lv 7. Did you restart your computer? Hello man Try this: 1.This sounds complicated but it is, in fact, quite simple. To do this, I held down the shift key either one should work when starting iTunes and iTunes gave me a little dialog allowing me to create a "new Library" which I did right next to my old one.

After validating that this worked, and that my music was now playing properly, I consolidated all my files into my new library folder. Hope this helps someone the way it helped me. By the way, I believe that on OSX you hold down the option key when starting iTunes to replicate this approach. Posted by Hans. Labels: iTunes. I can't believe that actually worked! How crazy is that! I thought it was an after effect of the VM.

Well, I guess I need to go re-check songs then! Thanks for posting this solution! I don't know what I did wrong but the new library that I created wasn't empty. It looked like a copy of my original library with the same problem.

Mine did too. You have to copy and paste the xml file in there anyway. Seems to have worked for the songs that were on my computer already, but not for the ones I have on my external hard drive. Thank you!!!!

It worked great! This issue has been driving me nuts for months! Been searching for this fix for a looooong time. I know I'm late to the party, but yes, you can delete the old library, it's copied all the songs from your old library into your new one so you don't need the old one anymore.

I've been having trouble with more and more songs since getting an iPhone and trying to sync it to my computer. I created a new library and let the computer scan for media, then let it consolidate everything in the new location.

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All songs seem to play fine on my phone now. It took me a while to find this post and I'm kind of surprised the solution to the problem isn't more well publicized. It's too much hassle to wait takes hours for the creation of a new library. It worked!! Thank you! Saved me from a long night of trying to figure it out and probably failing to do so. Seriously it does work.

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Thank you. I have been struggling with this for months. I was about to pull all my hair out. This problem had been driving me NUTS for 7 months. Your fix worked.Best answer by Keith N 15 February Already have an account?

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itunes cutting off songs early fix

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I am having the same problem. Same here, apart from drops out and desconection or randomly play music in another different speaker. Same here. Jeff S. Hi folks, Audio interruptions are generally caused by wireless interference or network congestion. We haven't seen any issues relating to the update specifically. Please send in a diagnostic report after you experience a cut out, then reply here with the confirmation number. I'll take a look for you. Mine does the same : diagnostic - To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

After the most recent update Is anyone else experiencing this? I saw some recent posts that lead me to think this is a new bug. I searched and saw that in past years some people point to bad gapless playback information, but the only solutions I saw were to try creating a new library and re-importing the old one. I have a library of over 10, songs with ratings and smart playlists so I am hesitant to do this -- especially if it is an open bug.

Posted on Sep 29, PM. Mar 3, AM in response to abuckiew In response to abuckiew. I think I have eventually found a solution that's working. For me the problem is only happening on mp3s that I added to my library since updating iTunes around August For those songs I do the following:.

I've tested so far with about songs and this has resolved the issue for them all. To fix you need to force the id3 tag to be regenerated steps and also force iTunes to recalculate gapless playback info steps 1 and 6. Re the above comments: I think it's incredible Apple has left this bug unfixed for as long as they have.

Personally it affects a large part of my iTunes library -- everything added in the last 9 months. I think it will be possible to find a program or script to automate the id3 tag fix on the files if anyone knows one I am all ears!

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Mar 3, AM. Mar 14, AM in response to abuckiew In response to abuckiew. So one thing I'm testing now is: add your mp3s to your iTunes library and play the tracks immediately. Seems like you have to listen to the track before quitting iTunes for it to properly calculate gapless playback on mp3s.

If you quit and restart iTunes before you play the track then there will be no gapless playback information and iTunes will try to calculate it on startup whenever I start up there is a pop up that says determining gapless playback information for the my recent mp3s I added but didn't play. This method of calculating gapless playback is buggy, and results in bad info for a lot of mp3s.

Seems like if you didn't play the track and left it to have gapless playback info calculated on startup then that entry in your iTunes library is now permanently tagged with the wrong gapless info. You need to move the files, delete them from your library, probably close iTunes, then after you reopen iTunes and readd the files you need to play them before you close iTunes again. It doesn't seem like you have to play the whole track, just starting playing it seems to be enough. Mar 14, AM. Page content loaded.

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Why are my songs on Ipod getting cut off?

Thread starter abuckiew Start date Feb 22, Joined Feb 22, Messages 1 Points 0. Hi, I've been having a problem for much of the last year with iTunes not being able to play longer songs all the way through, often skipping them just after the 5 minute mark. Sometimes if I delete the songs from the iTunes library and then re-add them the problem goes away, but this only works intermittently. Does anyone have a workaround to this? I've hear that I could convert the files to AAC and that would probably fix it but these are already lossy compressed mp3s.

The same files play fine through my iPhone, just skipping in iTunes. Thanks, Alex. This is an ugly issue that seems to have cropped up from time to time. The delete and re-add is the usual fix and does not seem to consistently work. Let's check a few things: 1.


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